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Thursday, August 19th, 2004
4:03 pm
Congratulations, Team Two--you win by default. You get cookies. Kinda. ^_^;;

So. Since the whole debate-thing doesn't seem to be working out too well, Emma and I decided to ask you guys what you want to do with the community. The debate idea was good in theory, but there's only so much we, as mods, can do. So, we're asking you guys for ideas. We could turn it into a general discussion of all things geeky, we could give debate another shot and wait for it to fail spectacuarly, or we could do something completely different. So feel free to post any ideas you have as to the community.

Friday, August 13th, 2004
8:34 pm
Team two pwns
On behalf of Team Two (consisting essentially of me and Kathryn), I would like to post our

opening statementCollapse )

On a side note, I am all for turning this into a more casual discussion community, if that's what it comes to. Once school starts I'm going to actually have a bit of a AP-related life, so the structure might very well go to hell.

Current Mood: awake
9:51 pm
Hello, all, it's the bad-cop mod. Perhaps you noticed that Wednesday was two days ago, Team One? This is an official appeal--you've got each others' screen names, you've got each others' emails. A good idea would be to USE THEM. If your real life gets in the way, then post saying so and we'll rearrange the teams again, but, please, you guys said you'd do this, so it would be really, really nice if you did.

That said, I am officially giving team two the go-ahead to post their opening statements. And I might also add that I feel like a strict teacher and I don't like that, so please don't make me give ya'll anymore telling-offs.

And, something else. You guys should seriously be in touch with each other. If someone's going out of town and can't post the opening statements, TELL YOUR TEAMMATES, otherwise I'll have to give y'all a speech again. And don't think I won't, 'cause I totally will.
Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
3:12 am
It's Wednesday!
Officially. (Yes, I still consider it Tuesday. I will consider it Tuesday until I wake up "tomorrow." If all goes well, that will occur about the time that the government and average person consider "Wednesday afternoon.")

So it occurred to me that maybe I shouldn't wait until this afternoon to announce that opening arguments should be posted today. By "today," I mean that they should be posted by the time I go to bed tomorrow. Today. Whatever.

Anyway, Team 1 will go first and Team 2 will follow.

It should be noted that Team 1 has not yet picked its side. So I'm giving Team 2 at least 12 hours after Team 1 either comments to tell me what side its defending or posts its argument.

I do understand that not everyone spends hours in front of the computer refreshing hir friends list. But the time thing is really rather necessary. If Wednesdays are bad times for y'all, or even if you want to complain about the way I ramble, please comment. And tell us.

But really--Team 1. Post. Soon. You can do that here if you'd like to stare at my Gillian Anderson icon--I'm rather fond of that pasttime--or you can start a new post. Actually you can start a new post to discuss your cat for all we care. This community is really not running the risk of cluttering peoples' friends list.

Team 2. Post. After Team 1.

And we shall go from there. I trust you all are remembering to communicate with your teammates? We're all wonderful people here, if I do say so myself, and should get to know each other.

ETA: I've been informed that Team 1 will be arguing in favour of recycling in fandom. That means Team 2 will be arguing against fandom recycling.

That also means that arguments should be up by tonight, let's say by 2:00 AM EST.
Saturday, August 7th, 2004
4:16 pm
Oh look, it's another team update post!

team updateCollapse )

This should also serve as a reminder for all of you to head over here, to continue introductions, plotting, and whatever else your little brains cook up.

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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
9:14 pm
Okay. It's my first attempt, and I have a lovely version on my computer that isn't all grainy and icky... that I can't upload. << So here is my grainy icky icon for tehgeekspeak!

5:21 pm
Just out of curiosity, is anyone allowed to join this community or is it just YWW geeks? I have a lot of geeky friends who might be into this kind of thing...

(random question, will delete this post if necessary)
9:25 am
A note.
Teams have been updated! Please go that thread and introduce yourself to your teammates so you can begin to plot plan.

Also-start up a thread to introduce yourself! We don't all know each other here yet, and it would be nice. (I'm not particularly eloquent in the morning.)

And if anyone is graphically inclined, we still need an icon, or several. A layout would be lovely too, if anyone feels particularly generous.

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
10:47 pm
The first debate and several orders of business
Think of this as a sort of beta test, if you will. We'll probably still be working out a few kinks. Ideas/constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!

First we (read I) have divided you into two teams. These are just for the first debate, and I did them alphabetically by screen name.

Team 1

Team 2

We'll give you a little over a week to contact your teammates; you may want to use this post to exchange AIM screen names or e-mail addresses. Opening arguments should be posted by next Wednesday, August 11th. Team 1 will go first; team 2 should post on the same thread. If you're going to be out of town or otherwise have a problem with this date, please comment or send me a note.

The first question is sort of a test/example, and it's pretty open to interpretation. We know that there are certain ideas and plotlines that are recycled in fandom. Sometimes these are simple themes, like the concept of good versus evil, and sometimes they're almost totally the same, like the "magic addiction" storylines used in the sixth seasons of BTVS and Charmed.

Recycling in fandom: a good or bad thing?

This question can be debated using any examples you'd like, though please try to keep them to the fandoms y'all posted in this thread.

Team 1 is kind of at a disadvantage here, since they have one fewer member than Team 2. So I'm going to allow Team 1 to pick which side to defend. Please come to a consensus soon so we can let Team 2 know which it's arguing.


ETA: I just realized that all of the YWWers are on Team 2, so I moved emhen up to Team 1. That means Team 1 has the most people on it, so Team 2 gets to pick its side.

I really shouldn't be allowed to do this organization thing.

ETA: sopheret is now a member of Team 1. Team 1 will still pick first. In accordance with the prophecy. And because I don't feel like changing it.

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
10:09 pm
Rules and Guidelines

This community is based in traditional debate format. Two teams will discuss two opposite sides of an issue to be presented, with the "home team" choosing which side it would like to argue. At the beginning of the week—or whenever we feel like it—we'll post the fandom(s) the question is going to cover. Each team will get together to figure out who knows something about them, and in the case that everyone's clueless, to take a crash course. A few days later, we'll post the question.

One person must be designated the "spokesperson" for the group, but everyone can and should work together on the opening statement.

Both teams will give their opening statements, hopefully within 24-48 hours of the posting of the question.

After both teams have given opening statements, we'll allow another 24-48 hours for rebuttal. Anyone from the opposite team may rebut a statement or idea given in the other teams' opening statement, but not in their rebuttal to your opening statement!

After 48 hours, we'll close the floor for rebuttals. At that point, each team will give its closing statement, taking the rebuttals of the other team into account.

After that, the moderator(s) will decide which team presented a better argument. (It really is all about the argument. My team beat kiarasayre's team by arguing that the gang from Scooby Doo was better at solving supernatural mysteries than Mulder and Scully. I like to lord it over her.) (Kiara’s note: You lucked out because Scooby-Doo is a kids show and thus always get their guy. They don’t even have any UST, fer cryin’ out loud!)

The team with the best argument will receive eight points plus geek points, while the losing other LOSING team will get to keep its geek points. The team with the most points gets the satisfaction of winning and geek supremacy and the admiration of geeky boys everywhere.

Geek points: Geek points are arbitrarily given out by the moderator of the debate for displaying incredibly geeky knowledge about a subject. Episode titles and numbers, book chapters, and comic book numbers are excellent for this type of thing, as are specific quotes, actions, or facts. Obviously we can't look out through your monitor and make sure you're not using the Lexicon or leafing through your Watcher's Guide, and it may be desirable use resources like this to check your facts. But for the game to be really fun, it's best if the geekiness comes from you rather than someone else. References to small things, such as non-fat tofutti rice dreamsicles, work too.

But a word of caution—be nice! Any personal attacks can make you lose points or automatically lose the debate. And spam.

Questions? Comments? Ideas for changes? Plans to whack me over the head with my copy of theSilmarillion? (Kiara’s note: Gladly. Just point me at it!)

Kudos to Emma for her awsome rules.

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2:36 pm
Welcome post.
Welcome to tehgeekspeak! We're (obviously) a brand new community and we need a lot of input from you guys.

Right now, it would be nice to know where your interests, abilities, and knowledge lie. What are your fandoms? At the moment, we span from the traditionally geeky, like Star Trek, to the geek noveau, like Buffy and Harry Potter. We include comics, books, TV shows--but we'd love to expand our scope.

So--what would you like to see?
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